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    2. JDK Management Inc., established in 1977, is an Exporter, specializing in Fire, Safety and Rescue Equipment.

      JDK Management are exclusive exporters for AMKUS hydraulic and extrication rescue systems (www.amkus.com), PARATECH rescue hand and pneumatic tools and MAXIFORCE high pressure air lifting bags (www.paratech-inc.com), for selected overseas markets. In addition, JDK Management offers almost all other equipment that would normally be used in the Fire, Safety and Rescue industry including: Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Brass Equipment (Nozzles, Adapters etc), Fire Hose, Smoke Ejectors, Fire Fighting/Bunker Suits, Fire Boots, Fire Helmets, Fire Gloves, Fireman's Hoods.

      The owners of JDK Management have more that 60 years combined fire equipment experience, more than 40 years of which is in Export.

      JDK Management typically purchases fire equipment for overseas resale and handles air and/or ocean freight, forwarding, insurance, export packing, Export documentation, including but not limited to Export Declarations, Certificate of Origins, Bills of Lading, and when necessary Export Licenses.

      Ron French
      Cell phone: 630-235-3355
      eMail: rwfrench@jdk-management.com
      Mike Kiefer
      Cell phone: 630-730-1841
      eMail: mjkiefer@jdk-management.com

      Find out what we can do for you! eMail Sales@jdk-management.com

      2700 WISCONSIN AVE.
      ILLINOIS 60515 USA